Do I Need an IID for a First DUI in Florida?

Under Section 316.193 of the Florida Statutes, ignition interlock devices must be installed in the vehicles of certain people who are convicted of DUI. Do all first DUI offenders have to install an IID? The answer: an IID is not automatically required for all first time DUI offenders, but the court may order it.

Florida's ignition interlock program applies to those convicted of DUI after July 1, 2002, and takes effect when the DUI offender becomes eligible for reinstatement of their restricted or permanent driver's license.

The IID is also required whenever someone who has been convicted of DUI applies for a restricted license for work or business purposes.

In Florida, if you are required to install an IID, you must contact one of the following vendors so they can install the device: ALCOLOCK, Guardian Interlock, or Smart Start. These contracted vendors install state-approved devices.

Who is required to install an IID?

Under Sec. 316.193 of the Florida Statutes, ignition interlock devices must be installed in the vehicles of the following individuals convicted of DUI:

  • First DUI conviction – if ordered by the court
  • First DUI conviction with 0.15% BAC or higher – at least 6 months
  • Second DUI conviction – at least 12 months
  • Second DUI with 0.15% or above, or a minor in the car – minimum of 2 years
  • Third DUI – minimum 2 years
  • Four or more DUI convictions – minimum 5 years

How long are IIDs required for? If a first time offender had a BAC of 0.15% or above, or a minor in their vehicle at the time of the offense, they are required to have the IID for up to 6 months.

Second offenders must have the IID for at least 1 year, or at least 2 years with a BAC of 0.15% or higher, or if they had a minor in the vehicle. Third offenders must have the IID installed for at least 2 full years.

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